Aerial Flow Yoga

Authentic and playful yoga

Aerial Flow Yoga is a playful and challenging way to vary your yoga practice.  You are sure to feel your body and see the world in new ways.  Supported by beautiful silk slings, Aerial Yoga provides traction to extend your posture fully.  Your spine will lengthen, reducing vertebral compression and improving the function of nerves throughout your entire body.  You will feel lighter, longer, leaner and more peaceful after one class and realign your whole body and mind with regular practice.  Start with an Aerial Intro class that is specially designed for first timers, then progress to our regular Aerial classes for a greater challenge.

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Authentic Yoga

Aerial Yoga

A unique body and mind experience

Aerial Yoga develops a unique kind of strength, body awareness and wellbeing.  It develops our mind body connection by giving us new ways to experience our physical selves.  Our perspective can be lightened by turning our bodies upside down, affecting a transformation of our emotions and thoughts.  The inversion also increases blood flow to the head which can assist in cellular rejuvenation of the skin on our face, enhancing skin tone, texture and a healthy glow.  Diaphragmatic breathing is also strengthened which improves our normal respiratory rate and relaxes us further.  And like any yoga practice, Aerial Yoga helps improve circulation, reduce swelling, boost lymphatic drainage, detox organs and strengthen all areas of our body.

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Developer new strength.  Stretch deeper.

The wow poses in yoga are the back bends and inversions, like handstand, camel and bow.  Stress and tension in the typical western body and a lack of strength mean we can struggle to achieve and hold these poses on the ground, and in the process often cause inappropriate compression to the spine.  Aerial Yoga practice literally turns this around and makes these uplifting and transformative poses much more accessible by taking the weight off joints and using gravity to help open and stretch muscles and massage organs with ease.  The additional support offered by the silks also allows us to generate deeper, stronger stretches in traditional floor-based poses or asanas.

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Authentic Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Play with something new.  Push your boundaries.

Come hang out with us and remind yourself how wonderful it is to experience something completely new and uplifting.  Aside from challenging yourself, you’ll also experience a sublime relaxation as you float in complete silence wrapped in the cocoon of our heavenly silks.  The experience of our Aerial Yoga classes is often described as “a lesson about surrendering in a totally new way”, “I feel totally lighter”, “what an amazing stretch”, “I feel like a kid again”, “I feel taller”, “my spine feels light and invigorated”, “it feels like heaven floating in this bright light room”.  Start with an Aerial Intro class that is specially designed for first timers, then progress to our regular Aerial classes for a greater challenge.

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Authentic yoga with detailed instruction and care.

It may be easy to find serenity in a secluded spot in nature, but urbanites like us can have quite a challenge to find inner peace.  We believe yoga is a powerful practice for integrating mind, body and spirit for a better quality of life.

We offer a modern style of yoga that integrates many of the main lineages of yoga and uses modern movement technologies and development of powerful breathing techniques to assist modern people to get the most from the ancient practice of yoga.

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8 Reasons to Join Us

  1. Classes to suit beginners and the experienced
  2. Quality teaching with personal attention
  3. Beautiful light filled studio
  4. High-tech infra-red heating
  5. Mats and equipment supplied free of charge
  6. Fully equipped change rooms
  7. A wide variety of classes
  8. Healthy refreshments available

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