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Our unlimited intro pass is the best way to experience Body Flow Yoga


Body Flow offers the right combination of the physical, emotional and philosophical for me. I started off yoga more for the physical, but the philosophical element has ended up making a huge difference to my life everyday.

Carissa Mongan
Sporty yoga beginner, 20s.
Student since 2012

The Body Flow team are fantastic, they create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and are really experienced in their yoga and mindfulness practice. They get to know you on a personal level and work with you to grow and develop your practice. Such an enjoyable experience!

Ella Quivooy
Experienced with yoga, 30s.
Student since 2014

The teachers here do a lot of practice to improve and create a lot of variation across classes. There’s more of a community spirit here than I’ve seen elsewhere, and I love the state of calm and the way my mind goes into my body, rather than my mind controlling my body.

Emma Williams
Yoga regular.
Student since 2010

I like the detailed teaching style, and the genuine care they have for all the students. They really are concerned about looking after you and supporting you to get a great outcome.

Travis Reid
Balances weight training with yoga, 39.
Student since 1999.

Yoga is an ancient practice for modern lives.

Never before have we been subject to so much mental and sensory stimulation. The need for yoga today is greater than ever, to help us return to our natural state of ease, health, wellbeing and happiness. Body Flow Yoga is dedicated to bringing the ancient practice of yoga in the most suitable way to the modern world.

Why do yoga?

To achieve overall wellbeing

Yoga works to align your body, mind and spirit.  An ideal path to achieving your natural body state. If your aim is to improve physical health, a balanced diet with regular yoga practice is a well-trodden path towards improved fitness. Yoga assists weight loss and refinement of body shape, but the most lasting benefits can be an improved state of mind and a greater sense of alignment.

To improve posture and body tone

Yoga strengthens and tones the muscular system in a unique way.  Postural structure is elongated and muscles are developed to better support a healthy spine. Yoga brings us into our bodies to feel more, enjoy more and improve the way we stand, sit and move.

To increase core strength and energy

Yoga improves diaphragmatic and core awareness to facilitate improved breathing and improved wellbeing of our organs and body as a whole. Yoga assists better heart functioning, increased lymphatic circulation and greater energy levels.

To overcome stress, anxiety and depression

Stress comes in many forms. Exercise, a healthy diet and creative pursuits help to keep you centred. Yoga has been proven to enhance mental discipline, ease anxiety and settle mood-swings, offering a focused, balanced and peaceful way of life.

To enhance relaxation and calm

Regular practice increases the relaxation response in the nervous system, enhances mental focus and eases stress.  Yoga offers an opportunity for self-reflection and improves the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us leading to happier thoughts, words and actions.

To enhance sport performance

Practicing yoga cultivates agility and ease of movement in all physical performance.  Improved flexibility and increased range of joint movement increases aerodynamics when cycling and efficiency when running. No matter what sport you’re into, yoga will help you perform at your peak, while decreasing your chances of injury.

Try it yourself. Purchase 30 days for $99

When does my intro pass start?

Your intro period starts from the first class you attend at the studio.  It doesn’t start when you buy it, so you can take your time and come when you’re ready.

What happens at the end of 30 days?

We’ll call you to check in. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed practicing yoga with our teachers and are ready to become a member of our community. Check out our flexible membership options for details.

How do I prepare for my first class?

Come prepared for a warm welcome, quality teaching and a bit of fun. Arriving at least 15 minutes before class is ideal and gives you time to turn off your phone, get setup in your silk, fill out a registration form and relax.

Can I gift an intro pass to someone else?

Of course you can! If you’d like a friend to come along, gifting them a pass or a membership is a thoughtful gesture. They’ll surely thank you when they’re hanging upside down in one of our aerial silks. Create a login yourself and go to ONLINE STORE and select Gift Cards. You can then design a personal card and it can be printed or emailed directly to them.

Can I book for my friend as well?

You can only book for yourself under your own login. Your friend just needs to create their own login and then they can book via our timetable page. Feel free to email us for assistance on booking more than 2 people.

I’m driving, where do I park?

There is 2 hour parking on Eastbourne st via Hornby st and additional parking along Chapel st. If you’re travelling to the studio at peak hour or in the evening we recommend allowing extra travel time to find a carpark close by and to allow for busy traffic conditions, that way you won’t have to rush!

I have more questions…

We may not have the answer to life, the universe and everything, but we can help you with anything yoga. Contact us now, or if you prefer, call us on (03) 9016 9061.

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