We Teach Body Flow

Authentic yoga with detailed instruction and care.

It may be easy to find serenity in a secluded spot in nature, but urbanites like us can have quite a challenge to find inner peace.  We believe yoga is a powerful practice for integrating mind, body and spirit for a better quality of life.

We offer a modern style of yoga that integrates many of the main lineages of yoga and uses modern movement technologies and development of powerful breathing technique to assist modern people to get the most from the ancient practice of yoga.

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8 Reasons to Join Us

  1. Classes to suit beginners and the experienced
  2. Quality teaching with personal attention
  3. Beautiful light filled studio
  4. High-tech infra-red heating
  5. Mats and equipment supplied free of charge
  6. Fully equipped change rooms
  7. A wide variety of classes
  8. Healthy refreshments available

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Classes we teach. Try as many as you can.

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A dynamic practice balancing structure and stability with breath and movement between poses. Technique is refined and alternatives given for challenging poses to suit your bodies needs.  You’ll improve posture, body tone, core strength, energy and leave feeling balanced and calm.

Aerial Intro

The perfect starting point if you are new to aerial yoga or have limited yoga experience. Proper silk placement, correct posture and safely entering and exiting of key postures are covered extensively at an easy to follow pace. Build your confidence and understanding of the aerial practice with Aerial Intro before you move into Aerial Flow.  

Aerial Flow

Yoga poses using silks to extend and provide traction to the spine.  Experience deeper stretching and strengthening with postures you otherwise may not have the strength to achieve.  Brings variety to practice, improves circulation and freedom in the entire body and creates a serene lightness of being.  


A relaxing class with deep stretches and core awareness. Improves joint mobility, flexibility and activation of muscles post injury, pregnancy, training and stress. Supports physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Silks are utilised low to the ground for support.

Donation Flow

We understand not everyone can afford membership, and we like to offer the benefits of yoga as widely as possible. Donation based flow classes provide an opportunity for new teachers to get practical teaching experience and also support the community by offering affordable yoga. Students are encouraged to give whatever amount they feel comfortable with.



Body Flow Principles

Yoga is playing

A sense of fun and exploration in practice inspires listening to the body and openess in our mind.  We discover new ways when we let go of the old.  It is through exploration that we evolve and connect.

Yoga is grounding and aligning

Structure and stability brings us into our bodies in a healthy way.  Grounding through well established foundations and balanced aligning through our skeletal system is an inside awareness that promotes the support of the muscular, joint and organ systems in a organic way.

Yoga is breathing and moving

Breathing and moving guides us to expand and contain our postures as well as nurture our energy.  We awaken the core and connect to the centre of gravity.  We create space and ease in ourselves.

Yoga is resisting and surrendering

Finding our edges and how to meet them is explored.  The mind wakes up and lets go into present and clear awareness.  We dissolve barriers within self, between ourselves and others, leading to the state of yoga.

Preparing for class

Before your class
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early if it’s your first class and turn your phone off
  • Drink some water
  • Avoid eating a big meal 1 hour before
  • Wear light, fitted clothing
Bring with you
  • Clothes to change into
  • Water
  • A towel
  • A smile, an open attitude and a willingness to focus

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